I hope that I am not spreading this happiness writing too thinly across these entries.

I have just watched a superb video on happiness :

It elegantly describes Nietzche’s view of happiness, relating it to modern life. Worth watching.

The salient point that is emerging is becoming, in my mind, as short as these entries :

“To enjoy life is to embrace all that it offers. The more time we spend embracing rather than enduring or avoiding, the more we are enjoying life.”

Taken to an extreme, if you become dismal on ‘bad’ days, waiting for the day without a headache (yes, that’s me), tiredness (me again),  chores to do, bad weather, then few of your days will you be fully alive and embracing life.

You see, I have noticed a strange pattern in my own life. Today and yesterday, I have been highly energised by fabulous nights of sleep.  These are a rarity for me, and I long for one when I am tired all day. But the strange thing is that I am restless with this energy – I feel compelled to use it. OK, I did, but had no inclination or ability to relax calmly.

I assumed that these ‘good head’ days were bound to yield happiness. Instead, I have noticed that the ‘bad head’ days see me more naturally content and relaxed – I have no energy to be otherwise.

By embracing life, I now plan to see different days as bringing different ways of being. Different, not better or worse.